Guangzhou National Day Village Tour is popular

2019/10/5 13:50:54
During the National Day holiday, the weather was fine. On the third day of the golden week holiday, people and tourists went into nature and countryside to experience different customs. Rural tourism continues to be hot. According to statistics, on October 3, the city received 34.6679 million visitors, an increase of 10.51% over the same period last year. Rural tourists accounted for 106.6 million visitors, accounting for 30.74% of the total number of visitors received.
On the occasion of welcoming the 70 birthday of new China, all kinds of activities in the countryside are colorful and the atmosphere of holiday village tourism is strong. The rice straw Art Festival crosses the National Day holiday. It performs the rice field concert every day and builds stage performances on golden rice fields. Shawan Ancient Town Scenic Area held a fish lantern tour and a series of cultural and tourist merchants integration activities of "Understanding the non-heritage beauty and feeling the ancient town". In the treasure Park of purple village, there is a festival of water and color tourism. There are 5 plates of purple spring, 13 plates of Sand Bay floating in color, 5 plates of water and color on the seven day of Lijing lake cruise, and 2 sets of watercolor cruise performances every day. Lianma Village planned a military tank paradise beside the memorial hall of Huangshakeng Revolutionary Site, which made tourists feel the atmosphere of the former Dongjiang column during the Anti-Japanese War and inherited the red culture in various forms. Xihe Village Cantonese cuisine Master Training Room organizes training around the theme of National Day dishes, and carries out the activities of "eating together on National Day noodles" for the benefit of the people.
The fervor of rural tourism has also boosted the market of rural boutique accommodation. As of October 3rd, a number of boutique residential areas in Zengcheng and Conghua were hard to find during the National Day holidays, and most home stay and farmhouse music were full. On October 3rd, on the day of the 17 home stay and farmhouse fun in the statistical range, the 12 occupancy rates of Mu boutique, homespun, Mack and boutique homestay, and Tian Tian Yuan Hua house were 100%, and the average occupancy rate was 96.57%. Some of them also carry out special activities with rich connotations for tourists, such as Qingmu Mountain House, which organizes the production of wooden handicraft, batik, painting and picking activities for the purpose of enriching the connotation of residential quarters; Tianyuan Flower House, combined with the Straw Art Festival, enables guests to feel the charm of rich and varied straw art and participate in the weaving activities of straw art.
Today's Mass Literary Carnival is a special event for a comprehensive evening party. The exciting programmes of the ballet, the drama Drama Center, the song and dance theater, the acrobatic arts center, the Puppet Art Theatre of the province and the Cantonese Opera Theatre and so on, were repeated.
At the same time, the twenty-sixth session of the Garden Festival celebrates the 70th anniversary grand themes of the celebration. The park and the scenic area carefully arranged the garden sketches, display flowers and lanterns, and sent 70th anniversary good wishes to the founding of new China. The major scenic spots also organized a group of tourists to watch the 70th anniversary parade. The theme park and Carnival are held in green square and park. Huadu District holds four philatelic exhibitions in Dawan District, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. I will hold the theme of "loving my Chinese - South Yue hundred garden celebrating the National Day".
According to the number of direct reports of 15 key scenic spots included in holiday statistics, in October 3rd, 15 key scenic spots received 543 thousand tourists, an increase of 9.07% compared with the same period last year. The 12 red scenic spots included in statistics included 174 thousand and 200 tourists, an increase of 13.65% over the same period last year, 17 municipal museums were open normally, and 12 visitors from October 1st to October 3rd, 188 thousand and 200 visitors were received, an increase of 6.38% over the same period. Seventy-one exhibitions and 91 events were held, and 153,000 people participated in the exhibition.

V during the National Day holiday, Guangzhou has also stepped up publicity and promotion of garbage classification. It has issued 20000 spam brochures to travel agencies, star hotels, A-level scenic spots, cultural venues, and enquiry points, 2000 publicity stations, and increased publicity and guidance to the public tourists, so as to create a new trend of civilized tourism.