Nanzhao glorious Tourism

2019/9/3 9:11:45
According to Nanzhao County Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, Flower-Watching tours, Baotianman oxygen-breathing tours, and Stone Village rural tours attract tourists from all over the country.
Nanzhao Magnolia Eco-sightseeing Park, through the standardization, specialization and large-scale planting of Magnolia seedlings, develops, cultivates and introduces more than 40 new Magnolia species, cultivates more than 70 and 200,000 seedlings with Magnolia as the main species, and creates a collection of new Magnolia species research and development, eco-tourism, Magnolia landscape display, cultural exchange and health preservation. Green manor with recreation and vacation as one. The Park absorbs nearly 200 impoverished laborers, engaged in nursery stock production and management, garden greening, catering services and other work, with an annual per capita income of 25,000 yuan, and has become an industrial base for the masses to get rid of poverty and become rich.
Yulan Eco-tourism Park has built more than 2000 square meters of Yulan Cultural Square, more than 3000 square meters of intelligent new Yulan product research and development greenhouse, more than 5000 square meters of new Yulan product exhibition area, more than 10,000 square meters of recreational resort center, more than 20,000 square meters of Yulan artificial lake, and built Jinyuchi Pool, Yulan Manor catering department, etc. Lanyuan Expert Villa District, Tourist Reception Hotel, Wedding Square, etc., with the concept of scenic spots to create a beautiful environment, to gardening standards to dress up beautiful rural fields, scenic spots, villages, manor natural convergence, high degree of fit, pleasant scenery, beautiful as a picture scroll, was rated as Nanyang City's well-known "five-star rural tourism demonstration park".
In the process of overcoming poverty, Nanzhao County, through the integration project of forest, seedling and landscape, encourages and guides agricultural enterprises and poor people to develop Magnolia industry, creates 100 forest villages, cultivates rural tourism, develops characteristic fruit and forest industries, and paints colorful picture scrolls in beautiful mountain villages, so as to achieve afforestation, greening, cultivating scenic spots and beautifying the environment. Multi-function, to form a "planting a forest, building a base, into a scenic spot, rich people on one side", to achieve ecological, social and economic benefits of win-win.
Nanzhao County adheres to the development concept of "base planting, standardized production and brand management" and concentrates on building Magnolia ecological sightseeing park, international Magnolia Mucheng, Jinyu Garden, Zijin Garden and Decang in accordance with the idea of "enlarging bright spots, connecting dots into lines and linking beads into chains". Top 10 flower and tree demonstration parks, such as gardens, encourage and support Agro-related enterprises to build comprehensive agricultural development projects with characteristics, potential and prospects, aim at urban leisure and sightseeing agriculture, develop ecological agriculture, leisure and sightseeing, folk experience, fruit and vegetable picking, and cultivate modern agriculture, rural tourism and characteristic manor in one. Agricultural complex, relying on seedling cultivation vigorously develop the "fragrance cause", so that the Tourism Department throughout the globe shines.
Located between Shangdian Village and Chaigang Village in the outskirts of Nanzhao County, the National Reserve Forest Base No. 1 is invested 100 million yuan to build a 400-mu Magnolia planting base, planting Forsythia suspensa under the forest, and creating a beautiful landscape of wild flowers and gardens. The base integrates tourism elements, develops rural leisure projects, builds a modern agricultural complex that integrates ecological agriculture, leisure sightseeing and rural tourism, achieves "spring flowers, summer shade, autumn fruits, winter scenery", and implements the integration project of forest and seedling scenery. During the Golden Week of May Day this year, tourists from other places came with their wives, bands and friends to take pictures in nursery areas and enjoy the bustling trees in the avenues. Nanzhao County plans to build this base into "China's largest Magnolia Forest Park" which depicts the magnificent color of Nanzhao's global tourism.