Shandong Huaqiang Font decide on what path to follow?

2019/8/31 14:35:39
For Shandong cultural tourism industry, 2010 is a memorable year. Shandong, which has long been known for its rich natural landscape, ushered in the fourth-generation theme park, Mount Tai Fangte Happy World. At that time, Shandong was not the depression of the theme park. Weifang Fuhua amusement park, Jinan Jinxiangshan amusement park and other theme parks were also the best solution for many Shandong people's leisure and recreation. But taking Jinxiangshan Paradise as an example, it is a typical representative of the third generation theme parks: it belongs to a part of natural scenic spots, mainly for sightseeing, and the self-developed amusement projects are not good enough. In just 10 years, Huaqiang Font has successively laid out five theme parks with different themes in Shandong Province, which covers the main types of theme parks currently owned by Huaqiang Font. The planning of Huaqiang Font in Shandong is also a microcosm of its national layout.
Back 20 years ago, with the construction of a number of theme parks such as Happy Valley and Window of the World, China's tourism market quickly entered the "theme Park time". At that time, Huaqiang Fante was the matching company of the theme park's amusement projects, responsible for the research and development and design of the amusement projects. Now it seems that this experience is of great significance to Huaqiang Font, which has directly pushed Huaqiang Font onto the road of "culture + science and technology". Only at that time, the concept of "culture + science and technology" was rarely mentioned. Liu Daoqiang once said, "Many years later, we learned that what we did was"culture + science and technology".
In addition to Huaqiang Fangte's proud "culture + technology core", the above prospectus also reveals another secret of Huaqiang Fangte's rapid expansion in the past 10 years: from 2016 to 2018, the government subsidies of Huaqiang Fangte included current profits and losses amounted to 353 million yuan, 330 million yuan and 327 million yuan, respectively, accounting for 38.91% and 36.88 billion yuan of the total profits of that year. % 36.45%. This has become the main reason for Huaqiang Fonte's attention - lack of independence. But for the group's operation at that time, it was a key way to support it to avoid the cold winter of theme park.
Dai Bin, president of China Tourism Research Institute, and Zhan Dongmei, assistant researcher of Industry Research Institute of China Tourism Research Institute, said that some developers and operators are too addicted to using theme parks to improve the quality of their products, ignoring the wisdom and patience of making cultural products, which is not conducive to the healthy and long-term development of theme parks. It is conceivable that the advent of Opinion has stranded many of the theme park projects still under planning. The advantages of absorbing government subsidies and dividends are highlighted at this moment: in the theme park market, Huaqiang Fonter, which is mainly based on the revenue of cultural and technological theme parks, can maintain a constant temperature and still have an orderly layout.
According to the statistics of Theme Leisure and Entertainment Association and AECOM, Huaqiang Fante is ranked fifth in the world in 2018, but it is worth noting that if the average number of visitors reaches 23 Fante theme parks, the annual number of visitors per park is only 2 million, compared with Shanghai Disneyland in 2018. The number of visitors was 11.8 million. In addition, Universal Studio Entertainment Group, the third largest entertainment group in the world, is about to open Universal Studio Paradise in Beijing. At that time, the competition in the domestic theme park market will become more intense.
In the face of competition, Huaqiang Fangte prefers second-and third-tier cities. In addition to the need to "avoid the edge", this is also a very forward-looking choice. Lin Huanjie, Dean of China Theme Park Research Institute and Director of Theme Park Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University Overseas Education Institute, pointed out that although the economic development of second and third-tier cities is less than that of first-tier cities, there is a strong demand for entertainment. In the future, with the encryption of high-speed rail network, many second-and third-tier cities around big cities and theme parks in remote areas in the West have great potential for development. As can be seen from the open prospectus of Huaqiang Fonter, Shandong is the only province in China with five Fonter theme parks at the same time.
Through the construction of a large number of theme parks and the independent development of a variety of different themes and IP, Huaqiang Font seems to be closer to the goal of "the world's first-class joy manufacturer". Specializing in sinking market and quantity advantage was once the magic weapon for Huaqiang Font to achieve "from scratch" victory, but "old methods" may not be able to adapt to the "new environment". To achieve the mission of "making the world happier", Huaqiang Font may face not only competition from other brands, but also more than 40 "Font family members".